Our Father

Supernatural Imagine: Both Sam and Dean. Your life as a younger Winchester. 

Word count: 527


Living with the Winchesters was hard, especially hard since you just found out that they’re your half-brothers. You sighed as you jumped out of bed, looking over at the clock you realized how early it was, ‘6.47’ it read. Wow, this is early for a weekend, you thought as you sat at the edge of the squeaky bed. You looked around the darkened room, they said it was a ‘vintage’ motel and by vintage they must have meant hit by a 70’s pawn shop. The walls were peeling, the chairs were mismatched and the kitchen was absolutely horrific (it was painted a bright orange). You looked over at the other bed; Dean was fast asleep, snoring slightly. You had mixed feelings about the situation. On one side you had a new family, who understood what you were going through. The two boys were kind of like a mother and father to you; Sam was the like caring mother who would help you with your homework, or sign all your permission slips. He would be there to comfort you, talk to you, and the best part was he understood your school problems. Then there was Dean; if you had a problem with a kid at school he would be there, if you needed any money he just handed it over. Even though there were good things, there were also bad. The boys wouldn’t let you out of their sight, always babying you and telling you where you could and couldn’t go. You also moved around a lot, tracking evil beings and learning about things that most people thought were either fairy tales or myths.
Shaking the long thought out of your head, you wandered over to the bathroom. Boy you looked horrible in the morning, hair messy, mascara smudged. ‘Ugh.” You grunted, feeling as though you could just fall on the ground and never get back up again. But before you could even let your backside touch the ground Sam called out, “(Y/N) is that you?” He was always like this. “Yes it’s me, who else would it be.” You said with an agitated tone. “Just checkin’” he grumbled back, you could hear him looking in the fridge for some left overs or something. You walked to the kitchen, peering in behind Sam to see if you could take anything before Dean raided the tiny fridge. “He ate everything. Again.” Sam mumbled, slamming the door shut and turning to the couch. Suddenly Dean appeared, flipping his knife as if he’d been awake for hours. “Sorry, but a guy’s gotta eat.” He shrugged, pulling out a chair and plopping down on the horrific looking chair. “Yeah, well the rest of us need to as well.” Sam retorted, rolling his eyes. “Should’ve gotten up earlier then.” Dean mumbled, opening the newspaper and flicking through it, Sam must have had enough of Dean and stood up. “Dean-“ but before he could say anything Dean got up as well, they were face to face now and you were between them. “Oh shut up. You’re so much like your father.” You said, pushing their chests. “Like our father.” They both retorted at once. 

Derek Hale imagine

Okay well, this one isn’t really fluffly or smutty or anything - just a little random! 

Plot: Derek turns you
Word Count: 428

As the big wooden door closed behind you, a presence was felt in the dark and cold room. “You’re late.” The deep voice said, it seemed to echo throughout the house, sending shivers up your spine.
You recognized the voice almost immediately; it was Derek Hale – the man that was going to make you a werewolf. “I’m sorry, it was-“but he interrupted you with a grunt and lit a match. The spark illuminated the area that Derek was currently standing, making his face look a little ghost like. He lit a candle, that made the room lighter but the darkness seemed to extend further around the house. Looking at the walls, ceiling and floors; you realized that this house was the same one that burnt down years ago. The walls were black, so was the rest of the floor and parts of the ceiling (which looked as if they’d cave in at any moment). But still Derek lived here, remembering the tragic event that he believed, caused. “In here.” He said with a sort of impatience, an eagerness to get this over and done with.
The room looked brighter than the rest of the house; it must have been a bedroom or something because it had a few posters on the walls. “Sit here.” He grumbled, sliding the chair over to you, he stood with the candle next to him but he put it down on a night stand. “Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. “Yes.” You replied simply, nerves made your whole body itch with anxiety. He stood up, and transformed. His body changed, hair grew, and long dagger like teeth shot from his usual teeth and his ears were larger. “Now hold still.” He grunted, but seemed muffled. He walked closer to you, fangs bearing. He grabbed your arm, holding it up to his mouth and plunged his fangs into your flesh. A scream erupted from your mouth, causing the whole house to shake. You knew it would hurt, but not this bad. Then it all went black.
You awoke on a bed; sitting up you saw Derek with a few other teenagers standing behind him. “It worked.” He said with a hint of enjoyment in his booming voice. You felt different, more energetic and powerful; strength ran through your veins. You smiled up at them, noticing three people from your high school. “You guys are also…” you were about to finish but you didn’t need to. They nodded, pleased with either you or themselves.
“Welcome to the pack.” 

Ships for Selena

When you say TMI I really hope you mean the The Mortal Instruments! 

I ship you with Jace Wayland! I feel as though you are like peas in a pod, you’re like best friends who connected without warning and now you are inseparable. He loves all your imperfections and hopes that he wouldn’t ever loose you. 

First Kiss

It wasn’t the first time that Jace had gotten badly hurt and you were tending to him. You lifted his shirt over his head, revealing cuts and bruised - oh and those amazing muscles. He seemed to shiver under your touch, revealing goosebumps over his pale frame. Seeing him like this either made you sad or very turned on. He knew what he could do and he wasn’t going to stop until you had your lips to his. 
He slowly got up, wincing a few times but focusing on you by his side. Reaching out for your cheek he drew you closer, kissing you with passion and emotion. He was vulnerable and you loved seeing him like this. 

Teen Wolf Ship

I ship you with Derek Hale! He knows that whatever he throws at you, you can throw back at him. You astonish him everyday, and he’s learning about you - what to ask and what should be left alone. Although he doesn’t talk too much, his face shows everything he’s feeling - but only you know that. Only you can climb over those high walls that he’s put up and occasionally he lets you in. 

First Kiss

'He was gentle' - that was your first thought when his hands were at your waist, holding you up. You needed someone to practice your dance with you while your partner was away for a few days and Derek, unwillingly, was helping. He didn't want to do this, but he did - well because it was a dare. But he couldn't stop enjoying himself too much when he had to lift you, it was absolutely a breeze for him. His werewolf strength made him seem like an iron giant, but with a gorgeous smile and a mysterious gaze. He looked at your lips longingly, as if he din't touch them with his own he might die on the spot. He stepped closer to you, moving his hands to your cheeks and gently pressing his lips to yours. 

Ship for Ida

One Direction Ship

I ship you with Liam Payne! He loves your athletic side, he enjoys going outside and kicking the ball around with you - it’s the simple things that make your relationship strong. He feels as though he can talk to you about anything, your like his home away from home. He thinks that you’re absolutely gorgeous and exotic. 

First Kiss

It was absolutely pouring outside, hail, heavy rain, thunder and lightning. Luckily in the hotel room there was a DVD player and a few movies. Sliding those in and waiting for it to play, a silence fell over the two of you - it was comfortable and soothing. But somehow you didn’t want to watch the movie, you just wanted to be in Liam’s presence, with all his attention on you. He felt the exactly same way but no one said anything until you both moved closer together. Without warning the both of you turned to each other and smashed your lips together. Fireworks, butterflies, sparks, everything you can think of happened. 

Anonymous asked:

May I have a ship? My name is Hannah, im 5'4ish, dirty blonde hair, blue, blue green eyes, sometimes hazel to gray, and I'm pretty petite. I'm very sarcastic, shy, funny, semi-athletic, and caring. I really like music, food, to sleep in, and going on adventures like amusement parks. I am in show choir(singing and dancing at the same time). Can it also be a one direction ship? Thank you :)

Hey Hannah your ship is finally up! xx

Ship for Hannah

One Direction Ship- 

I ship you with Harry Styles! He loves how caring and adventurous you are! He loves being around you, taking you out and screaming with you on rides at the amusement park. Your smile never fails to make him happy; you are the reason why he’s smiling all the time. 

First Kiss - 

You and Harry had been to nearly all the amusement parks but had failed to go to a water one. So when the two of you were riding the biggest slide you had ever seen, he couldn’t take his eyes off of you. As you slide down he wondered how long it would take you to be in his arms. When you both were dunked in the water, pushing off the ground to pop up for air, he quickly grabbed you and pressed his body onto yours. Looking into your eyes, he connected his lips with yours and soon your stomach wasn’t just intestines, fire works had erupted in there - fueling your fire or passion. 

Ship for Dayna

Supernatural Ship - 

I ship you with Dean Winchester. He admires your witty retorts when your either in an argument or just joking around. He finds your stubbornness ‘hot’ and he can rely on you for anything. 

First Kiss 

Dean has always been able to sweep a girl off her feet, in other words he was a ‘ladies man’. He could easily make a girl blush, giggle or fall in love with him with one charming smile. But when it came to your date; he was nervous as well, hell. He didn’t know what to wear (um.) he didn’t know what to say (that’s a first) and he had no idea if you liked him back. So when he walked you up to your front door to and turned to say goodbye, he was utterly surprised when you grabbed his face and kissed him with as much passion as he felt towards you. 

Anonymous asked:

Can I have a Teen Wolf, Supernatural and Doctor Who ship? My name is Eva. I have green eyes, long golden hair and tanned skin. I'm a lot into physics and I love reading novels (and basically everything), I prefer face to face communication rather than by phone. I'm serious if I'm doing something but at the same time I'm sarcastic and positive. Thank you very much <3

It’s been soo long! But your ship is up! xx

Many ships for Eva

Teen Wolf Ship; 

I ship you with Isaac Lahey! He admires that you like to talk to someone in person rather then behind a device. He loves talking to you, you reassure him of whatevers on his mind and somehow you make his future feel brighter. 

First Kiss 

The moon shone bright tonight, luckily it wasn’t full or anything to disturb well - you know. You and Isaac had been seeing each other for a few weeks now but you’ve never taken it any further then holding hands or a quick peck on the cheek. But something about tonight created a certain mood. You and Isaac were huddled up ontop of a rock looking over the shining lake. He looked at you, hand on your cheek and pulled you in, causing sparks and butterflies to erupt in your stomach. 

Supernatural Ship

I ship you with Sam Winchester! Your lack of areas are made up by him and vice versa with you! He’s like your other half, knowing things you didn’t and showing you another way of living. He was so easy to be around, the friendship was easy and lighthearted turning into something more passionate. 

First Kiss

Saying goodbye was hard, but saying goodbye for your ‘short time’ boyfriend was quite harder. Something about his attitude told you that he didn’t want to leave but he had to, and you also figured out that he was lying about something - but you didn’t want to open up that window just yet. He looked down at you with sad eyes, basically they looked like puppies eyes when they didn’t want to do something. So as you said goodbyes, you smiled up at him trying to make him smile. He did and unexpectedly he kissed you like there was no tomorrow. 

Doctor Who ship

I ship you with the 11th Doctor, his adventurous and curious side makes you feel young. He knows how to make you smile and laugh, he loves doing it as well but he wouldn’t ever admit that he was in love with you - until you said it then he would say it back maybe in another few months..His immaturity is matched by yours and together you could rule the world. 

First Kiss 

He was lying there bleeding and drifting out of consciousness, you’d never seen him in such a state - he would always be back on his feet in a few seconds or less. But now it was different, it was scary and you didn’t exactly know what to do. There were no more threats as they had vanished when the Doctor was knocked off his feet but you couldn’t just wait until he woke up. But something popped into your head, he fairy tales that you always used to read - and something that was always in them. ‘True Loves Kiss’ clouded your brain, (now as silly as it sounds) it worked. You lent down and gently pressed your lips into his, his eyes fluttered open and he stared at you with awe.